Hi-Tech Advertising was founded in 2007, separating the online marketing services of ClickJC.com/JC Technologies. JC Technologies is viewed as one the premier technology companies in South Florida, hosting technical infrastructures for some of the top ranked businesses in South Florida and remote offices throughout the United States. Hi-Tech Advertising has found ourselves to be in the position of representing businesses in certain industries, and specializing in making them money each and every day. Our team of specialists bring the knowledge of bring involved with these businesses, forward to create a product for online marketing.

Hi-Tech Advertising Specialized Industries

While we venture out, in order to continue growing our customer base, Hi-Tech brings forward the online marketing experience in a handful of industries. Our technicians have been involved personally with these types of businesses, in order to understand their business needs and how they can locate more customers. We have developed case studies, based on our involvement in their businesses.

Our specialized industries are:

  • Self Storage
  • Legal & Medical Practices
  • Hotels & Hospitality Services
  • and over 130+ other industry based businesses in the United States

How Can We Help Your Business?

Curious on how we can make a positive impact on your business’s online marketing? We invite you to be certain of the facts and programming that make our solutions the best in the industry. Request a free consultation from one of Hi-Tech’s qualified online marketing specialists. We won’t hand you off to a sales rep that has no knowledge of our practices, instead you will be speaking with the experts live. In fact, the expert you speak to is one that you will be appointed when you join with Hi-Tech Advertising!

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