Online / Internet Lead Generation Services

The search engines make their money in at least two ways. First they provide a search appliance, a server with search software, to users who would like to integrate search into their enterprises. Second they sell web traffic to companies interested marketing to Internet users who are surfing within specific subsets of the massive search engine. Collecting data on this set of users is helpful in developing lead sources for businesses like yours. We reach out to up to 80% of active Internet users and qualify them for geographic locations and content relevancy. As the surfer self-identifies as a prospect for your business, we harvest the information, qualify it through a telephone contact and make it available to you.

Email Marketing Lead Generation Services

Since Hi-Tech Advertising is a leading web design company, we have talented graphic artists that deliver captivating web pages and html emails. We use these tools to communicate to internal and external prospects that have self-identified as being interested in your business.

Web Portal Lead Generation Services

Web portals provide information about individual topics or lists of topics arranged by category. They range from extremely broad information to laser focused in their content. As these portals attract surfers interested in topics relevant to your business, Hi-Tech communicates and qualifies the user as a prospect for you.

Telemarketing Lead Generation

All leads generated by Hi-Tech technology sources are qualified via telephone. Years of successful script development experience go into generating direct leads for your business. Non-traditional list generation through proprietary search technology results in uncommonly high success rates for our exclusive telemarketing program. Telemarketing is also employed for more traditional applications such as appointment setting, market research, surveys, seminar recruiting, and customer data file updates.

SEO Lead Generation Services

There is no more valuable lead generation technique than professional search engine optimization of your website. Hi-Tech technology has optimized thousands of pages over many years for our own benefit and for our clients. We utilize internal and external link auditing and link acquisition to build site popularity. We utilize sophisticated keyword development techniques to tease out untapped sub-categories of potential lead sources. We develop dynamic website design and interactive content technologies on your web pages to generate leads via your website.

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