Pay Per Lead advertising is the latest payment model available in online advertising. Initially, online advertisers had to pay for every one thousand impressions of their ads. This was one of the worst payment model with the least effectiveness. The next model enabled online advertisers to only pay for the clicks they received on their ads. This definitely helped increase website traffic, but it does not necessarily guarantee sales leads.

Pay Per Lead advertising allows advertisers to only pay when an ad leads to an actual sales lead.

Pay Per Lead advertising helps reduce costs dramatically because you are only spending on those ads that actually result on a sales lead conversion on your offer. And, if an ad does not result in a conversion, you do not pay for anything, not even the impression or the click. This means that your ROI is strictly in your control. You can easily manipulate your campaign to ensure that you are getting returns that are multiple times your investment.

The best way to maximize your marketing ROI

Our Pay Per Lead provides targeted leads for specific business sectors. You only pay for each business lead you receive.

A lead is an enquiry from someone who has read about your business, is interested in the services your company offers and wants more information or a quote from you.

And with our marketing plans, you will have additional benefits of :

  • Guaranteed Sales Leads. 100% risk-free.
  •  No more bidding for the Lowest Quote in those online bidding sites in order to secure a sales. This will lower your company image into a mere commodity fighting on prices alone. Doing business in this way is a dead-end road.
  •  Pay Only for Qualified Sales Leads.
  • Balance amount refunded if unfulfilled within 3 months contract period.
  • Tap into our exclusive Premium Domain websites network.
  • Exclusive, Qualified & Fresh Sales Leads Only.
  • Each Sales Lead is Exclusive and only sent to you.
  • All Sales Leads are Qualified as the prospects requested for more information about your products/services now, and not weeks or months ago. All requests are filled up spontaneously without any incentives for them to do so other then the fact that they are genuinely interested in your products/services.
  • All Sales Leads are Freshly generated and sent to you within 12 hours maximum, depending on your package.
  • All Sales Leads come with the prospect’s email unique IP Address for Authentication purpose.
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