Self Storage Online Marketing LeadsSelf Storage facilities are all about one thing, converting leads into rentals. Hi-Tech Advertising understands this and that is why we have structured a new way of purchasing self storage online marketing services from our company, for self storage prospects online. You could go and pay on average $550.00 – $1240.00 a month for “online marketing services” or “SEO services,” but is it really producing for your company?

We are approached all of the time with people interested in commission based billing and we are on board! Our new Pay-Per-Lead program allows for businesses to be billed based on the numbers of phone calls and online submissions made by the public. For example, if your company receives 8 phone calls and 10 online reservations for a storage unit, you are only billed for those 18 leads that have been generated as part of our online marketing efforts. All of the practices to generate these leads are free. This includes Web Design, SEO, PPC and other ways of marketing your company to a local audience interested in self storage units in their area and near your location of business.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

Good question. We believe that placement and impressions is how big companies, such as the Yellow Pages and other online marketing entities, work. Before online marketing was popular, this is how businesses worked online. Now with the ever changing market, companies such as Hi-Tech Advertising can market Self Storage with ease. The systems have already been bought and paid for by our investors, now it is about branding it in your company’s name and begin to make a return on the invested funds. Self storage lead generation and self storage online marketing is what we at Hi-Tech Advertising specialize in.

Self Storage Web Design – Free? Really?

Absolutely. Your website is your main tool for online communication with your audience. We want to make sure that your self storage audience online, sees an attractive and easy to use self storage website. Companies that are generating hundreds of sites a day, use basic templates and really could care less about image and conversions. They are only interested in selling the $200 a pop product. In difference to them, Hi-Tech Advertising wants to continuously help convert the audience online looking for storage, to your customer. By pulling in the audience and generating the leads, we present your company, the opportunity to do business with these new customers looking for self storage in the local area. One incentive that we offer is the free self storage web design, because paying for web design that does nothing for your business, is a waste of money.

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